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We Are Hiring - Contract Educational Sales Consultant

Here’s an exciting opportunity to join our education-focused consulting team! The Educational Sales Consultant is a central role in our firm and we’d like you to consider joining us.

Advancing Global EDU is looking for an experienced sales professional with experience in K12 and/or Higher Education to drive thought leadership in the segment, to support market development goals, to foster and leverage relationships with education stakeholders, and to help EDU decision makers understand recent stimulus funding and other education state & federal programs.

Overall Purpose:

Responsible for leading, implementing, and providing complex sales support for new business opportunities, initiatives, and strategies for our clients and their customers.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

· Conducts complex market analysis, monitors competitive activity, and identifies customer needs. Provides leadership in the planning, designing, due diligence, and implementing of strategic business objectives and potential and/or executed transactions.

· Develops and maintains relationships between Advancing Global EDU and their partners, district school, and higher education administration officials.

· Coordinates acquisition support functions for district, regional and state transactions.

· Analyzes market conditions, regulatory environment, competitive conditions, strategic and business plans, and existing business and technical operations.

· Collaborate and support legal, accounting and business inspection of acquisition or joint venture.

· Creates financial models to assess the economic value of potential transaction for our clients.

· Formulates demand forecasts and key operating projections for the valuation of target transactions.

· Participates in the negotiations of principal terms and conditions of transactions with our partners.

· Creates presentation materials for internal approval from officers or executives of Advancing Global EDU and affiliates.

Job Contribution:

The Educational Sales Consultant is to develop strategies to boost our clients’ sales and overall growth. They are primarily responsible for conducting research and analysis to identify clients' needs, participate in creating business plans and products, and produce progress reports and presentations.


Bachelor’s degree required


At least 3 - 5 years of relevant experience Higher Education and/or K12 business development experience. Successful candidates will be familiar with the US public education system (accounts, contracts, purchasing), and Higher Learning

Compensation: This position is a contract position and compensation is based on a variable commission, depending on the client and their solution.

Our firm provides training and appropriate sales materials from our clients.

Advancing Global EDU will not tolerate discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sex stereotyping, gender identity, gender expression or transgender status), national origin, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, age, protected genetic information, status as a parent, marital status, political affiliation, or retaliation based on prior protected EEO activity. In addition, AGE will not permit harassment – sexual or nonsexual – of any employee or applicant for employment.

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