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Advancing Global EDU is a marketing consulting firm based in Chicago, IL, specializing in helping education companies drive profitable growth. Their services include providing strategies and tools to expand reach, develop go-to-market strategy, generate leads, and build business development pipelines. They also offer funding consulting to help navigate through stimulus programs and funding options in K-12 and higher education. Additionally, they have a team of international experts who can guide companies on global expansion in education markets. Advancing Global EDU aims to support educational service and edutech companies by offering collaborative and cost-effective solutions, access to a team of experts, and proven industry strategies for growth in various educational channels.

Our advisors have spent their entire careers helping companies build capacity in executive coaching, product management, sales, and marketing strategy. We are a team of highly experienced educational marketing experts, business development leaders, and high-level executives from established firms, start-ups, government, and international development corporations, who have moved into consulting to help organizations succeed with strategy and tactics—all with the intent of driving organizational growth. Our advisors are an innovative and seasoned group of education-specific professionals with experience handling the needs of a variety of clients. You will find our consultants have proven capabilities in the education industry which have demonstrated significant achievement and garnered lasting results, and our goal is to provide you with outstanding strategy, creativity, and implementation. 


Michael Campbell



Eileen Belastock, CETL

 Strategic Advisor

George Debakey.webp

George DeBakey

International Strategic Advisor


Barbara diSioudi

Strategic Advisor


Dr. Sandra Gonzalez-Adamski

Strategic Advisor

ejk pic acumen.png

Ed Kisman

Strategic Advisor, Sales Strategy

Angie photo.jpg

Angie Perdomo

Educational Sales Consultant


Ellen Ruane

Vice President Marketing and Data Analytics

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