Key Services

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With a team of experienced executives who have managed and experienced the education business from the start-up stage and have guided companies through M&A activities.  We help guide you and your team through a ten-step proven process of lean startups that includes:

1.Understanding the lean startup model

2. Building and/or reviewing the business model.

3. Customer-driven research  

4.  Testing for pain points  

5.  Delivering Value  

6.   Branding that works

7. Pricing/revenue model that provides profit

8. Making sure you have the right fit for the market

9. Scaling for the market

10.  Innovating for the future 

Lean Start-Up
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The Advancing Global EDU advisors are the most experienced strategic sales and marketing professionals in the education industry.  Our go-to-market engagement provides you with:

  • Market analysis (What does the market look like)

  • Market Selection (Who are you targeting? and how?)

  • The market mix (What solution are you promoting? Where are you selling? How are you selling?)

  • Customer Acquisition in the education space. (How do we gain & retain customers?)

Market Global Entry
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Expanding outside your home geographic markets is a strategic decision that can bring additional revenues for your organization.  Our team will help you clarify and focus on what you aim to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it when entering a new geographic market. Your market entry strategy will provide you with a roadmap for your whole business and how to succeed.  With experienced advisors in the market, we will help you understand the stakeholders, the competition, distribution, entry method, financing (if needed), and documents to put you on the right path of growth.  Our team is even set-up to help you with marketing and sales services should you need those services.