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The Benefits of Social Selling in the Educational Services Industry

The pandemic has changed our way of approaching sales and marketing in the education sector. However, one idea still rings true: successful organizations adapt their sales and marketing strategies according to changing markets and buying behaviors.

Has there been a change?

Schools and school districts have made a major change. Although the digital transformation was well on its way, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the demand for digital learning solutions and hardware. Obviously that trend is not going away. B2E buyers now expect to engage and transact with service providers quickly and at their convenience.

Many successful B2B brands have introduced social selling into their sales processes. This decision-maker model is a way for you to connect, engage, and nurture relationships with your target audience on the social media channels where your customers/decision-makers reside. Social selling is perfect for the B2E industry since relationship building is one the key cornerstones of sales and marketing. Social Selling also provides an avenue to help build thought leadership as well as helping you position yourself as a subject matter expert, so that you can focus on winning a decision-maker’s trust and business.

The ROI of social selling

According to LinkedIn, 78% of sales and marketing professionals who utilize social selling outsell their peers versus those who don’t use social media. Your team can build a focused pipeline by using social selling. Social Selling enables you to get to focus on the SQL (sales qualified leads) faster. And with social selling, your team will become more efficient and able to reach new leads and possibly more revenue.

To learn more about how a social selling strategy might benefit your B2E organization: Contact us at Advance Global EDU for a free consultation.

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