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Reaching Forward 2020 - Follow Up

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

PowerPoint presentations, and ZOOM presentations from the May 28 webinar.

The Advancing Global EDU’s Reaching Forward 2020 Online Seminar was designed to give you new insight and actionable strategies related to sales, marketing, and global growth challenges for education industry. Our goal for this program is to consider the industry climate due to the pandemic, and to help your business thrive in the new normal.

The webinar provided three tracks:

  • Track A - International Sales and Marketing Post Pandemic

Database Marketing: Focus on the Customer - Ellen Ruane - Advancing Global EDU

International Business Development in a time of Crisis - George DeBakey - George DeBakey International

  • Track B - Sales Strategies and Enablement

Diana Richie - Advancing Global EDU, Max Abrahams - New Media Group

Jane Radenhausen, J Daly Associates

Lisa Schmucki,

Jim McVety, First Step Advisors

  • Track C - Product Marketing and Management

Content Marketing: Adjusting Your Content Marketing for the New Pandemic Era

Michael Campbell, Advancing Global EDU

Ellen Bialo, IESD, Inc.

Jay Sivin-Kachala, IESD, Inc

Barbara DiSioudi, Advancing Global EDU

If you would like more information about how your education business can build capacity and build value for you and your stakeholders during the new normal, please contact us here at Advancing Global EDU.

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