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Reaching Forward 2020

Thursday, May 28, 2020

2 - 4:30 pm CST

The past two months has been one of the hardest times for most in the education industry. We know that our industry will not go back to a post COVID-19 way of doing business. Everything from pre-schools to colleges will have to re-structure their way of educating the students of the world due to the economy and the virus. Behind every crisis lies ample opportunity – and Covid-19 is a crisis like none we’ve faced before. Your education focused business has the opportunity to pivot your messaging, sales strategies, and product offerings to make sure your customers can continue to meet their strategic objectives of safely educating children and helping teachers effectively teach.

The outbreak of this vicious virus has caused the devastation that would be expected from a pandemic, but it has also produced a lot of unforeseen outcomes. It has seen communities come together and support each other in beautiful ways; something that your company or organization can be a valuable part of. It has also seen people spending much more time online, changing the digital landscape and the way we forge digital connections both on the business side and educationally.

We have seen lots of companies in the industry pull back due to the pandemic and that is understandable but you can come out this with a position of strength using a combination of clever, heartfelt empathy, and a deep understanding of the ‘new normal’ that people are facing. Here’s our suggestions of what to do:

Create an external communication plan that fits your brand

Now is the time to focus on your customers and potential new clients. As people spend an increasing amount of time stuck inside, the global population turns to the internet for the majority of their entertainment, meaning that with a solid communication strategy you can boost your exposure and gain the attention of potential new clients.

Effective marketing in a time like this requires knowing who your brand is and using your brand personality and tone of voice to its full strength. What are you known for? How are you meeting the needs of the school, district, college, or university? Do you have a relationship with them? What problems are the students, parents, or teachers facing? What is the impact of your solution?

Adapt your marketing content to be sensitive to the current situation, but don’t lose your brand in the process. Instead, use it to get people through this difficult time, whether that’s by providing trusted information, providing some much-needed comic relief, or anything in between. Which is something we do not see much of in education.

Be creative and find new ways to deliver on your promises

A situation like the Covid-19 outbreaks has severely disrupted the education business, and so we see a large opportunity for innovation or a pivot to some areas on inequality in education. How can you continue to offer your services, albeit in a different way than you have ever before?

If you are an educational technology firm, is there any way you can offer professional development? What about the management of IEPs or new ways to help with special education? How can you help districts engage parents?

Even if your offering is less than or different to your usual, your customers will remember that you went the extra mile to provide for them in the darkest hour. People are increasingly grateful towards companies that continue delivering on their promises as much as they can, obviously while ensuring that they are keeping their staff safe.

Do your bit to help everyone get through this

We have seen hundreds of companies offering free or discounted solutions to schools and teachers, every business should be looking for ways to do their bit. Try to act for your community wherever possible, as the only way we can get through a crisis like this is together, all pulling in the same direction.

Here at Advancing Global EDU we realize that not schools have suffered immensely during the pandemic but that our industry has suffered. Our business has forever changed. We want to help you and your staff by offering an afternoon of virtual round tables discussing the post Covid world of marketing and sales - lets innovate, lets grow our companies both here in the States and globally. We want to help educators, parents, and students succeed. Sign up now and be ready for the new normal.

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