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ISTE Palooza with Bill and Kecia

Collaborating with the Advancing Global EDU and K20 Connect team, headed by education specialists Bill Bass and Dr. Kecia Ray, presents a distinctive opportunity for your investment in the ISTE exhibition to yield significant returns. By having them at your booth, they will conduct interviews with your team members and produce compelling content for various web platforms. This will enhance your visibility on social media and through targeted advertising campaigns over the year.

Let Dr. Kecia Ray and Bill Bass, both former Presidents of the ISTE board, visit your booth and interview you and your team. It's an onsite blog presentation for your use on your website, social media sites, and more. The Education 3.0 (Advancing Global EDU and K20 Connect) teams will promote these interviews on Instagram and LinkedIn throughout the year.

With SEO and content marketing strategies, you can continue to drive lead generation strategies, awareness, and ROI for your ISTE conference strategy. Sign up today for this exciting marketing event. The cost for your organization is $1500 USD.

Kecia and Bill Flyer
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and to sign up. Contact us at


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